June 21, 2014

HACCP Training at UH-Manoa July 23-24, 2014

Basic HACCP course on July 23-24, 2014 at the University of Hawaii-Manoa

Many in the food industry around the world, including farmers, manufacturers, processors, and food service, now use a working food safety program to demonstrate their commitment to a high level of consumer protection by delivering safe foods. HACCP is recognized internationally and is increasingly required in providing fair practice in international trade of food and agricultural products. This course discusses HACCP as a proactive management tool designed to incorporate food safety into the product and the process of manufacture. Preventive Controls, as mandated of registered food facilities by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), are discussed alongside HACCP. The intended audience includes those working in the food industry, such as farmers, retailers, wholesalers, supervisors, mid-level managers, technical and non-technical personnel, quality professionals, production personnel, marketing professionals, sales persons, and those in the export/import business. A thorough knowledge of your food operations, including food safety problems that have occurred or have the potential to occur, is important to the development of your HACCP Plans. There is a maximum attendance for this course because it entails rigorous exercises on how to develop a HACCP plan.  

HACCP Brochure July 23-24

HACCP Schedule July 23-24

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