Made in Hawaii Products

Why foods made in Hawaii?

Kukui Sausage Pizza

Portuguese Pizza, Made from Kukui Brand Portuguese Sausage, Surfing Goat Dairy Cheese, topped with Upcountry Maui's Pineapple Mustard Sauce, Oils of Aloha's "Pele's Fire flavored Macadamia Oil, and garnished with local greens

Diversity: World famous macadamia nuts, Kona coffee and golden pineapples are well known Hawaii products. But these are only the beginning of the creative products that reflect our island life. Other HFMA products include tropical fruits and vegetables, seasonings, cooking oil, meats, seafood, condiments, frozen dishes, snacks, beverages, and the list goes on.

Integrity: To qualify for membership in the HFMA, a member must be producing one or more products within the State of Hawaii. This means that HFMA members manufacture and distribute authentic products that represent genuine tastes and flavors of Hawaii.

Quality: Superb ingredients add a distinctive measure of quality to our products. Rich volcanic soil, pristine coastal waters, and year-round tropical climate are ideal conditions for grass fed livestock, fresh seafood and produce.

Uniqueness: The foods of Hawaii reflect rich traditions and diverse cultures that make up contemporary Hawaii. Polynesian, Asian, European plus North and South American influences can all be found in our island cuisine.