Oribe Tea

Oribe (pronounced oh-ree-bay), has its roots in 16th century Japan. As a tea company in Hawaii, we find ourselves uniquely influenced by a mix of Native Hawaiian culture, U.S. mainland culture, as well as Japanese culture, among others. Our name stems from a 16th century Japanese tea master named Furuta Oribe. He was an important figure in the development of Japanese aesthetic and the tea ceremony by being the first to introduce the concept of wabi sabi; finding perfection in the imperfect. His reign ushered in a new culture where he commissioned local potteries to manufacture the ceramic wares desired for the tea ceremony rather than continuing the tradition of using imported Korean wares like previous tea masters had done. He was known, at times, to break a tea bowl and glue it back together with a gold luster in order to give the piece a "feel" in your hands rather than the perfectly symmetrical pieces being imported. He eventually commissioned this very line of wares to be irregular in shape, but have a great "feel" to them, and that line of pottery still has his name associated with it. We take inspiration from the story of Oribe and we run our company based on similar shared values. We support local Hawaiian farmers by sourcing ingredients for our teas from them, reducing the amount of imported ingredients. We currently source Green Tea, Mamaki, Ginger, Noni, Lemons, Limes, Mangoes and more, based on the seasonality of the ingredient, from local farmers. We also recognize the perfection in the imperfect by choosing organic ingredients, biodynamically grown ingredients and those grown by local farmers over conventionally grown and imported whenever possible. We have a deep love for our island home and work through our company's mission to support local agriculture and provide customers with great tasting local options over the imported alternatives. Picking up a bottle of Oribe Tea should leave your palette refreshed, your heart content knowing that you have helped to support local Hawaiian farmers, and your mind at ease that our products are always competitively priced. You're Hawaii, We're your tea!

Product List:

  • Bottled teas
  • Hibiscus mint w/ mamaki
  • Lilikoi lemonade
  • Ginger-lime
  • Passion black tea
  • Acai superberry
  • Ginger-noni-berry
  • Cold brew teas
  • Loose leaf teas

Contact Information:

Contact Person: Timothy Johnson

Oribe Tea
P.O. Box 10968
Hilo, HI 96721

Phone: 808-987-3141
Email: oribebea@yahoo.com