Island Distillers

Island Distillers was born from the idea that excellent spirits could be made right here in Hawaii from our abundant natural resources and perfect climate. How could such a great place not produce great spirits? So I set out to do just that. It took a lot longer than I imagined. I spent years in the Caribbean learning about sugar cane alcohol. Then I spent years on the Big Island learning about lava filtration and purification. After a few more years of planning, Island Distillers, Honolulu’s only licensed distillery, was launched. Through those years I learned a great deal. I learned that things taste better when they are pure and simple; that the quality of ingredients matter; that all liquor is not created equal. Now I produce the the best liquors available anywhere at any price, perfect spirits like no other. I make each batch by hand, with a true craft approach that guarantees perfection every time. Drink Better. Drink Hawaiian.

Product List:

  • HAPA Hawaiian Vodka
  • HAPA Hawaiian Coconut Vodka HAPA Hawaiian Hibiscus Vodka HAPA Hawaiian Chili Pepper Vodka
  • Hawaiian Okolehao

Contact Information:

Contact Person: Dave Flintstone

Island Distillers
577 Pakala St
Honolulu, HI 96825

Phone: 808.492.4632

Island Distillers
  • Island Distillers