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Papaya seed dressing is a favorite in the Aloha State. Hawaii's Special Inc, on Oahu's north shore, manufactures four flavors of this tasty treat. These dressings, offered under the brand Hawaii's Special, are available in stores statewide. The alluring flavors appeal to people of all backgrounds and ages. Only the freshest seeds from Hawaiian grown papaya are used in our dressings. These seeds contribute a peppery taste that complement the all natural spices and flavors used to make our mouth-watering varieties. Hawaii's Special papaya seed dressings contain no preservatives since the vinegar content provides ample acidity to extend a one-year shelf life! In addition to topping green and pasta salads, our dressing flavors also make excellent marinades for meat, chicken, fish and shrimp.

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  • Papaya Seed Dressing

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Contact Person: David Delventhal

Hawaii's Special
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Hawaii's Special
  • Hawaii's Special