Associate Members

Associate HFMA members consist of brokers, wholesalers, consultants, packaging companies, and marketing companies dedicated to help promote Hawaii’s fine foods and beverages.

Aloun Farms

Contact: Michael Moefu
Phone: 808-677-9516 | Email:
Highest quality of healthy and freshly grown vegetables, melons, and sweet corn. 

Arturo’s Tortilla, Chip and Salsa Factory

Contact: Steve Geimer
Phone: 808-591-9103 | Email:
Tortillas, chips, and salsa. 

College of Topical Ag. & Human Resources

Contact: Aurora Saulo
Phone: 808-956-6564 | Email:
Food Processing Education

Dana Labels, Inc.

Contact: Debbie Suzuki
Phone: 808-845-3262 | Email:
Dana Labels, Inc is a diversified, custom printing company which has specialized in label and decal production in Hawaii since 1970. We are the only locally owned and operated label manufacturer in Hawaii. In addition, Dana Labels is a great source for a wide assortment of distinctive and innovative packaging products, custom promotional items, business cards and related print services, and retail supplies.

Dealer Store Hawaii

Contact: Bill Schmidtke
Phone: 808-853-1500 |  E-mail:     Web:
5-Star Rated Professional Seller offering “Made in Hawaii” products to AMAZON.COM Prime Customers utilizing AMAZON’S world-wide warehousing and fulfillment service.

Douglas Trade Shows

Contact: Ken Kanter
Phone: 808-261-3400 | Email:
Trade show management and production company. Producer of the Hawaii Lodging, Hospitality & Foodservice Expos

Edwards Enterprises Inc.

Contact: Sanford Morioka
Phone: 808-841-4231 | Email:
Commercial printing, direct mail services and integrated marketing.

ES&A Law Corporation

Contact: Beverly DaSilva
Phone: 808-729-9413 | Email:
ES&A offers comprehensive and innovative legal solutions to help Envision, Strategize & Actualize your business goals. ES&A Law advises organizations and employers in the area of labor, employment, employee benefits, government contracts, and corporate governance.

Five Star Transportation

Phone: 808-838-7821
Logistics, Distribution and Transportation 

Five-O Marketing Services, Inc.

Contact: Glenn Sakuda
Phone: 808-842-6111 | Email:
Wholesaler and distributor

Flavor Waves

Contact: Michael Abrams
Phone: 888-968-2783 | Email:
Flavor development.

Great Lines Hawaii

Contact: Tisha Sugano
Phone: 808-848-7888 | Email:
Specialty packaging

Harbour Brokerage

Contact: Rod Gomes
Phone: 808-445-2375 | Email: 
Hawaii Stocking Brokerage company that handles both dry and refrigerated/frozen products.

Hawaii Food & Water Testing LLC

Contact: Amy Nobui
Phone: 808-836-5558 | Email:
Performs a spectrum of testing for microbiological analysis on foods, nutrition facts labeling, and food chemistry.  

Hawaii Gas

Contact: Sharon Shigemoto
Phone: 808-594-5534 | Email:
Provider of utility and non-utility gas service throughout Hawaii.

Hawaiian Cool Water

Contact: Mike Hernandez
Phone: 808-954-9638 | Email:
Locally owned and operated, Hawaiian Cool Water was started because of a strong belief in this simple concept: The water we drink should not only be clean, but its production and delivery should be non-damaging to our environment. With a background in both bio-medical and electrical engineering, owner and founder Mike Hernandez-Soria worked passionately to develop a system that fulfilled this simple yet powerful philosophy. In 2011, he successfully developed the proprietary Hi2O filtration system. This technology creates the ideal purification process, in which water is purified just before it’s dispensed, eliminating the need for plastic water jugs and bottles. 

HFM Food Service

Contact: Jason Wong
808-843-3221 | Email:
HFM Food Service is a Pacific region and statewide wholesale foodservice distributor

Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel

Phone: 808-921-5551
Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel offers sweeping, unobstructed ocean-scapes , with immense, lush mountains and near-daily rainbow sightings. The interiors of our modern guest rooms were outfitted with an artistic eye, but the true focal points are the views! Followed closely of course by the luxurious beds, that will compete with the chaise lounges and beach towels for every minute of your down time. 

Ingredion Inc.

Contact: Robert Zakskorn
Phone: 916-481-4100 | Email:
Ingredion is a leading global ingredients solutions company. Ingredion makes sweeteners, starches, nutrition ingredients and biomaterials that are used by customers in everyday products from foods and beverages to paper and pharmaceuticals.

Insurance Advantage

Contact: Dean Toda
Phone: 808-564-9300 | Email:
Insurance brokerage

Kapiolani Community College Food Innovation Center

Contact: Lauren Tamamoto
Phone: 808-734-9593 | Email:
Food Innovation Center on Diamond Head

King’s Hawaiian

Contact: Winston Taira
Phone: 310-533-3250 | Email:
King’s Hawaiian was the very first Hawaiian sweet bread. And through the decades, my family has made it their mission to ensure that our bread and rolls remain true to the spirit of the original. Since 1950 in Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawaii, King’s Hawaiian has remained committed to quality, integrity and Aloha Spirit. Their Original Hawaiian Sweet, Honey Wheat and Savory Butter Dinner Rolls are perfect for any family meal, holiday celebration, or barbeque. Their breads now include Mini Sub Rolls, Sandwich Buns, Hot Dog Buns, and Hamburger Buns.

Lei Hut

Contact: Myron Nakata
Phone: 808-478-4853 | Email:
On-line marketplace for awesome Hawaii stuff

Matson Navigation Company, Inc

Contact: Bryan Gomes
Phone: 808-848-1369 | Email:
Ocean Shipping and Transportation Company

Maui Nui Venison LLP

Contact: Kimo Tuyay
Phone: 808-781-7339 | Email:
Specializing in sustainably harvesting USDA venison as a means to help manage wild axis deer population. 

Nelson Packaging, Inc.

Contact: Derek Patao
Phone: 323-954-0102 | Email:
Product Packaging and Boxing

Pacific Food Safety Systems, Inc.

Contact: Donald Hawn
Phone: 808-725-8008 | Email:
We provide a practical, science-based food safety and quality consulting service for food businesses throughout Hawaii and the Pacific Region. We specialize in FDA food safety plans, food safety programs, cGMP/HACCP on-site audits and inspections, research and development initiatives, and promulgating sustainable food systems.

Pacific Gateway Center

Contact: Soo Sun Choe
Phone: 808-851-7000 | Email:
Pacific Gateway Center (PGC) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization committed to supporting and assisting immigrantsrefugeeand low income residents.  PGC’s operations include social, economic and environmental initiatives that create opportunities and build skills that help our targeted populations achieve self-sufficiency.

Pacific Professional Graphix, LLC

Contact: Joyce To
Phone: 808-682-0404 | Email:
Pacific Professional Graphix, LLC dba Pac Pro Hawaii is a locally-owned custom metal fabrication and welding business.  We specialize in sanitary welding for food and beverage production companies.  Pac Pro Hawaii also provides graphic design and custom signage services.

Pacific Rim Packaging

Contact: Diane Bell
Phone: 808-486-7774 | Email:
Specialty Packaging Supplies, custom gift and folding cartons (process printed), bags of all kinds, corrugated shipping cartons (flexographic and litho printed) void fill and cushioning materials.

Quadro Liquids

Contact: Brady Veitch
Phone: 519-884-9660 | Email:
Quadro Liquids designs and manufactures single-pass, inline high shear mixing equipment for powder incorporation and dispersion into liquids, in addition to liquid-into-liquid mixing and homogenizing.

Rengo Packaging, Inc.

Contact: Manu Bermudes
Phone: 808-687-2007 | Email:
Custom Packaging For Your Business 

Spicers Paper, Inc.

Contact: Jody Kadokawa
Phone: 808-832-0001 | Email:
Spicers is a full-line paper merchant with products that span all applications and equipment. Our customers can choose from thousands of items representing the best in sheets and web, including coated and uncoated, board, sign & display, writing, text & cover, graphics and digital.

Trade West Inc.

Contact: Jeff Babbas

Phone: 808-537-6937 | Email:
Made in Hawaii souvenirs and single serve wines.

Ulupono Initiative

Contact: Elizabeth Curley
Phone: 808-544-8960 | Email:
We are a Hawaii-focused impact investing firm that uses for-profit, non-profit and social investments to improve the quality of life for island residents in three areas:
locally produced food; clean, renewable energy; and waste reduction.

Young Scale

Contact: Yuni Shiramizu
Phone: 808-733-0788 | Email:

Young Scale Co. specializes in sales and service of mechanical & electronic Scales, Printers, Packaging Equipment, Document Sercurity Products and Coin & Currency Handling Equipment.


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