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The term “Aloha ʻĀina” means “love for the land.” It is a timeless phrase that has been used by poʻe Hawaii (Hawaiian People) for thousands of years to express one of our deeply held values, the love for and commitment to caring for our land. The land is the ultimate provider, without the fruits of the land we cannot survive. Thus, as stewards of the land, we must express Aloha for it and Mālama (care for) it in order to survive. It was a term used during political movements in the 19th century to express national pride for the Hawaiian Kingdom and was re-ignited by the leaders of the struggle to stop the bombing of the island of Kaho`olawe in the 1970’s. It quickly caught on as a slogan for the Hawaiian Renaissance that ensued to express cultural pride and the necessity to protect Hawaiian resources. Today, Aloha ʻĀina has once again taken on new life as it has become synonymous with the calls to address the issues of our diminishing natural resources. The need for greater food security in our islands and sustainable practices in resource management have lead to calls for all of Hawaii’s residents to Aloha ʻĀina and truly act as stewards of the land. It is our belief that small-scale farmers hold the answers to many of our sustainability issues. Although those problems often seem very complex, we feel the answer is quite simple… Farm our own food… and start with Hawaiian Kalo. The crop that sustained the population of these islands long before the ships began to come.

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  • Poi
  • Kulolo

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Contact Person: Davis Price

Aloha Aina Poi Company
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