Member Products & Services

  • Island Princess
    Island Princess Products from Island Princess
  • Dave’s Ice Cream
    Premium Green Tea Ice Cream from Dave’s Ice Cream
  • Hawaii’s Special
    Papaya Seed Dressing from Hawaii’s Special
  • Pacifikool
    Hawaiian Ginger Syrup from Pacifikool
  • Big Island Candies
    Hibiscus Keepsake Box from Big Island Candies
  • Hawaii Kai Corportation
    Soul of the Sea from Hawaii Kai Corportation
  • Chic Naturals
    Dry Roasted Chickpeas from Chic Naturals
  • Aloha Hawaiian Stores
    The Original Donkey Balls from Aloha Hawaiian Stores
  • Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee
    Kona Vanilla Mac Nut Coffee from Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee
  • Kaiulani Spices
    Hawaiian Spice Rub from Kaiulani Spices
  • For J’s Hawaii
    Gourmet Hawaiian Red 'Alaea Sea Salt from For J’s Hawaii
  • Meadow Gold
    Macadamia Nut Ice Cream from Meadow Gold
  • Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar
    Maui Brand® Sugars from Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar
  • Aloha Tofu
    Aloha Firm Tofu from Aloha Tofu
  • Maui Jelly Factory
    Banana Butter from Maui Jelly Factory
  • Hawaii Coffee Connection
    Farmer's Choice 100% Kona Coffee from Hawaii Coffee Connection
  • Pau Hana Maui Vodka
    Maui Vodka from Pau Hana Maui Vodka
  • Big Island Abalone
    Abalone from Big Island Abalone
  • KTA Super Stores
    Mountain Apple Brand from KTA Super Stores
  • Menehune Mac
    Purple Passion - Sandbars from Menehune Mac

The HFMA works to increase the understanding and appreciation of the unique flavors,
quality, and care that go into the production of Hawaii's fine foods and beverages.